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Trading psychology

Investing in Turkish Banks

Investing in Turkish banks. Turkey has its own banking sector which meets all the needs and services of citizens and residents. Turkish banks vary between government and private and have...
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Investing in Istanbul Stock

This article from MarketsBloom Academy will help you start Investing in the Istanbul Stock Exchange, how to buy shares from the minimum amount required to open an account to some...
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theory of contrary opinion

The theory of contrary opinion, what it is?

What is contrarian investing? Have you ever heard this question.. “When those who aren’t involved with the stock market are talking about stocks, it’s time to sell”? This famous phrase...
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social trading

Social trading for dummies! what it is & how it works?

An increasing number of people are deciding to practice trading. The development of new technologies and the majority connection to the Internet has democratized access to this field of investment...
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forex trading

Why you fail and loose money in forex trading

trading world is a big and a full of surprise world, In this article we will argue in favor of the idea that a trader is their own worst enemy,...
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forex mistakes

Common forex trading mistakes! How to avoid them!?

This article will discuss all of the main mistakes that traders frequently make in the forex markets. From the most popular ones to the less common ones, this article will...
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trading forex

Can you make money trading forex?

Can you make money trading forex? This is because several investors haven’t had the success trading forex they had imagined, and their experiences have later cast a shadow of doubt...
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