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How to charge PayPal by mobile

How to charge PayPal by mobile there are many steps for this. This service is provided by the popular site PayPal.. a website that is used for online and email balance transfer services. In addition to adding credit in PayPal through mobile phones simply, which we will talk about in this article.

How to charge PayPal by mobile

In order to charge PayPal via mobile phone you need to follow the following steps:

Login to by filling in some data, namely full name, address, and mobile number.

Then you have to write the email and password, and that data should be saved in order to use them later.

Select PayPal mobile charging option.

Then after completing the registration of all the data required .in order to charge PayPal by mobile, the user should follow other steps namely the choice of the country to which he belongs.

Then set the amount or financial value for PayPal shipping.

After that enter the phone number to be transferred to or used in PayPal charging.

A user code containing the confirmation number for the completion of PayPal shipping will appear.

The ID number should be entered.. and the confirmation button pressed in order to complete the PayPal charging process through the mobile phone.

Then, a message will be sent to the user stating that the PayPal charging process will be completed through the phone successfully.

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