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How to understand forex trading signals?

Forex signals, double bottom buy signal :

The double bottom signal forms a w-shaped pattern when the price returns to its last lower point starting from the same point, and this drops and rises forms the letter W on the financial chart, which shows that this rise and fall in prices may constitute a reversal of currency pairs prices.

Forex signals: rectangle bottom:

The bottom of the rectangle If you are looking at a change in the trending currency, you should be careful if you see the bottom of the rectangle signal, and this is because it usually precedes the last signal, and this pattern occurs as a result of the following reasons:

drop in price.

when it stops and balances in the trading levels that are completed in the form of a small rectangle.

This often lasts several days in trading and can look like many shapes one by one.

Your entry point starts when prices rise more and more than the average height of the rectangle.

Forex signals: cup and handle:

Name as it is because the graph shows a cup-like Dubai Investment Park and its reversal, then the handle is formed like a line based on the price drop. This pattern if the following conditions accrue:

The wide price dip is carved from the teacup-shaped one.

The price drops again, but this timeless so after it reaches the point that looks like the edge of the

right side of the cup.

The time to buy is when prices rise above the edge of the cup and the top handle.

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