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Investing in Turkish Banks

Investing in Turkish banks. Turkey has its own banking sector which meets all the needs and services of citizens and residents. Turkish banks vary between government and private and have a strong and secure financial system. Turkish banks also provide a lot of financial services such as investment, money transfers, and many more.

In this article, we will show you the advantages of Turkish banks, and we will learn about some of the best Turkish banks as well as the types of bank accounts in Turkey.

How to invest in Turkish banks

Investing in banks in Turkey is made through the purchase of shares or deposits.. It also allows the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship under certain conditions.

For example, the investor allocates a sum in order to buy shares.. After several conditions have been met, the investor can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of Turkish banks

1. The banking system in Turkey depends on strong and safe foundations.

2. Turkish banks have modern technologies that help customers complete operations by applying them online.. such as paying bills for water, gas, Internet and electricity.

3. Allows customers to make withdrawals, deposits, sales, purchases and transfers of funds through the banking app. The banking app is also downloaded on mobile phone with ease.

4. Turkish banks also allow customers to drain currencies from buying and selling by using applications.

5. The customer can also open an account for heavy metals such as gold and silver.. In addition to mortgage service, remittances and credit loans.

6. Banks diversify in Turkey, as follows: (deposit banks – investment and development banks – partnership banks).

Best Turkish Banks for Investment

There are a lot of special banks in Turkey. Some of the best banks are as follows:

1. Agricultural Bank “Ziraat Bankasi”:

The Turkish Agricultural Bank is one of the most important deposit banks in Turkey. This bank also has branches in various Turkish cities, and many branches outside Turkey are in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Iran and some European countries. The Agricultural Bank also provides many services to enterprises and citizens, as well as loans for the purchase of a house or car.

In addition, through Mobil Ziraat, this bank offers several services such as a statement of account and making transfers with ease.

Turkish Labour Bank:

The Turkish Labour Bank is the first Turkish government bank in the Republic of Turkey. It is the second largest savings bank in Turkey.

That bank has several branches outside Turkey.. It also grants numerous loans and savings accounts.

Through its mobile application, the Turkish Labour Bank also offers several services such as payment of invoices, sending and receipt of funds, statements of accounts, etc.

People’s Bank:

It is a government bank that provides various loans to traders and industrialists.. He owns many centers inside and outside Turkey.

4. ALdaman  Bank:

ALdaman Bank is one of the savings banks and is ranked second in terms of private banks in Turkey. The bank also has several branches inside and outside Turkey.

5. Yapi Credit Bank:

A private bank in Turkey, it provides loans to businesses, to buy apartments, citizens and farmers. Yapi Credit Bank through its mobile app also allows a lot of banking transactions.

6. Deniz Bank:

It is a government bank, but it is now affiliated with Emirates Bank after it purchased it in 2018. He owns two branches outside Turkey in Austria and Germany.

Paperwork for opening a bank account in Turkey

To open a bank account in Turkey, you must have:

    Valid passport, Turkish residence, or original copy of personal identity.

Tax number.

  Proof of address through paper of circle of souls or invoice.

Father’s name and mother’s name.

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