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Klarna Online Payment Gateway is one of the largest alternative payment methods in Europe and North America and one of the best electronic payment gateways in the e-commerce market Where customers can browse the list of stores offering various services… Buy products online by visiting the site or using the Clarnaklarna app Most importantly, it gives customers complete freedom to choose how to pay.

In our article today, we will learn about  Klarna company and its most important information.

History of klarna company

Klarna was founded in 2005 as an online payments bank by Sebastian Semiatkominski, Victor Jacobson, and Niklas Adalberth students at the Faculty of Economics at Stockholm University, and it was this idea that led to the emergence of the Clarna Klarna payment portal, which provides online services and solutions with the aim of achieving a voice

Today, klarna is one of the best online financial portals accessible from all over the world. in Sweden and then expanded to 14 other territories, According to some sources, the number of users of the klarna payment gateway was more than 90 million. It also employs approximately 3500 employees, and over 2 million transactions are processed on a daily basis, and deals with over $750 million in profit per year.

Klarna company seeks to create confidence in the e-commerce market by providing secure and smooth purchases between sellers and buyers, providing its services in addition to Sweden’s home country in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and many other European countries

Explanation of klarna Payment Gateway

klarna company provides a “Buy Now Pay Later” service, that isit is possible to buy from merchants without the need to pay in advance. This service is used in installments because it is free. The seller pays the fee to klarna. The way the klarna payment portal works is as follows:

When shopping from a store that offers our own payment services, payments are made through the Klarn app, or through the website, by entering the email and postal code. Once the purchase process is completed, the invoice is sent to the customer. The customer has 30 days to make the payment, which can be made directly through Clarna Dirk.

If you use the klarna app, the payment duration is 14 days after the shipment of the product and the klarna app can be used to remind the outstanding fees by email or message if the payment is delayed.

At the end of the fixed period, reminders begin, each associated with a reminder fee of 1.2 euros. After the third reminder, a company is authorized to collect a debt, following additional costs.

The information required to open an account in klarna is as follows:

Email address.

Billing address.

Full name.

Date of birth.

Mobile number.

klarna Payment Method

As mentioned earlier, klarna gives customers the freedom to choose the payment method and time after the product arrives. This is through direct payment or payment options after delivery. Or installment plans, which are one of the most essential attractions in the klarna payment portal. When the customer selects our klarna during the store purchase processthe customer is directly directed to the klarna page for data entry and only needs to enter personal data, without any banking information details.

After completing the data-filling process, the credit check will be carried out within a few seconds. If approved, the customer receives a confirmation letter to accept the transaction. Then customers can pay directly when buying.. or payment within 30 days.

There are also several payment options where klarna accepts all credit and debit cards. But only accept prepaid cards as payment methods… Through the klarna app, payment is within 14 days after shipment of the order. klarna also provides shoppers with payment in four installments that are collected every two weeks. It also allows customers to fund their products over a period of 6 to 36 months.

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