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Misr Bank portfolio bm wallet

Electronic portfolios are one of the most important products bank customers are looking for especially in recent periods. It offers a lot of facilities to customers to carry out their transactions while saving time and effort in addition to .applying financial inclusion which aims .to reduce cash transactions with the spread of transactions through those channels, especially in the light of the significant technological development in. the banking sector internally and abroad.

Today we will talk about one of the best banks. that offer investment portfolios that includes many advantages and characteristics as well as ease in the method of registration and subscription.

Misr Bank offers a smart wallet service known as Misr Bank bm wallet for mobile payment. This is to meet the needs of its clients in various segments and the context of the expansion of the field of electronic payment and the application. of financial inclusion within the framework of the objectives of the State and the Central Bank in this direction.

Misr Bank’s portfolio is an easy-to-handle electronic portfolio. that offers its customers the opportunity to do financial transactions and more only via mobile financial phone and also offers many services. Such as shipping phone balance and receiving. and transferring money to and from a wallet in Egypt, paying bills, and purchasing through code.QR code. Enjoy a new, easy-to-use, and more secure payment experience than cash payment and offer smart solutions allowing you to make daily payments.

Misr bank allows customers to subscribe to the portfolio service and activate it only in 3 steps. First, register the wallet account, then upload the Misr bank wallet app on the mobile phone, and then enter the PIN, charge the wallet and pay the financial transactions.

What are Misr Bank’s online payment services?

The bank offers many services. We will roll it out now:

Withdrawal and deposit via ATMs.

Link Misr Bank Cards – Debit and Prepaid Cards – to the portfolio.

Transfer funds to any smart wallet in Egypt.

Payment of invoices and fees for some services such as. Charge your phone balance and pay its bills whether it’s for the customer or others. And other invoices, airline tickets, subscriptions, etc.

Know the limits of using Misr Bank wallet

The maximum balance of the wallet is 1,000 pounds, the maximum daily transaction is 30 thousand pounds, and the maximum monthly transaction is 100 thousand pounds.

There are two ways to make cash withdrawals from Banque Misr’s portfolio. Either via an instant port or through any ATM.

What are Misr Bank wallet services charges?

There are no charges when registering for the service, for annual expenses, renewal of subscription, shipment of the wallet from Misr Bank, cash deposit through instant outlets, or via the bank’s ATMs. In addition to purchases using QR code technology.

Cash withdrawal fees via the bank’s ATMs are 1% at a minimum of EGP 3l.

lCash withdrawal fees via instant outlets are 2% of the amount withdrawn.

Cash deposit fees via other banks’ ATMs are EGP 3l.

A transfer fee from a customer within the bank is 1% at a minimum of 2 pounds.

A transfer fee from a customer outside the bank is 1% at a minimum of EGP 2.5. Instant Services: Based on pricing declared before payment.

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