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Payment Method by klarna

Debt Payment klarna is one of the most attractive factors of the klarna Payment Gateway. It has proven to be one of the most important electronic payment gateways in the e-commerce market. This method has also kept pace with the rapid development of the e-commerce market as sellers trend to sell online, and the number of online shoppers has swelled. It remains keen to win customer confidence as it bears the responsibility of the purchase processand it ensures sellers get the price of what they produce. In this article, we will learn about Payment Method by klarna and the most important information about this company.

How does Klarna work?

Paying in Debt klarna when choosing a customer to make a payment through Klarna It is sufficient to enter his email and postal code via the klarna website, There is no need for banking information after the necessary data is filled out by the customer, Where klarna conducts a credit check and where approved, the customer receives the confirmation message to accept the transaction and when the customer makes the purchase he receives the payment invoice for the order to be paid required 30 days after shipment of the order And the customer can also use the Klarna app to make the purchase, Where the repayment period is 14 days, and can also use the app to indicate when payments are made by email or email,.

Debt Payment Klarna

As mentioned earlier, Klarna allows customers to pay later after purchase.. It also aims to change the payment method when buying products online.. It provides buyers with the possibility to pay their purchases in debt. We will explain:

Payment in 3 equal installments: when Clarna is chosen as the method of payment They show the option to pay in 3 installments, so that the first payment is deducted from the credit or debit card when the customer confirms the order And then the second payment is deducted a month after the first payment, The third payment is two months after the down payment, and klarna alerts customers two days before payment expires, via email, or text message.


How to Pay Our Klarna

Our klarna is paid via the Klarna website via the Internet, or by the Klarna app.. Payment information is processed in a secure manner by klarna and we will talk to you about the most important payment methods:

Online payment: Done by debit or credit card.

Payment from Klarna: The payment procedure occurs via the Klarna app by taking several steps:

1. log in to the app, click here. Choose My  klarna Find the option of “your purchases” or “your payments.” Choose the method of calculation.

2. Follow the steps to send the payment, and do not forget to pay attention to using the correct payment information when the payment is made.

Store payment: Customers can also create a digital card in the Klarna app, and it is added to their own wallet in Google or Apple. The payment process is done only once, as the customer can get a clear look at the purchases and can manage payments through the Clarna Klarna app.

Monthly Finance Repayment: By enabling automatic payment, the disclosures will be paid at a time that is always specified, and by enabling automatic payments by following several steps are as follows:

Sign in using the email address associated with klarna’s account.

Select “My Klarna” and then “Payment Methods.”

Select “Bank Account Link” and then enter bank details.

Running automatic payments to enable automatic payment.

If you do not wish to opt for automatic payment, a manual payment following the following steps:

Sign in using our Klarna email address.

Click “Payment Options” to make a manual payment.

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