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EA and indicators for automated trading:

Markets Bloom Academy offers you a group of programs that use artificial intelligence to give the best trades for


buying and selling (It is one of the methods that used to automate trading operations).

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Articles and tutorials:

If you are a beginner trader and have the desire to learn and gain more experience in the forex world. Markets


Bloom is generous in its educational offerings, it provides you with a very rich library, includes courses, tutorials, articles, and video on demand.

Trading platforms… activate a current account with our brokerage partners

Many different trading platforms can be used!

Markets Bloom Academy provides you with the best tips and instructions related to trading platforms, and helps you activate your account immediately with the most important brokerage companies in the world.

News and analysis:

Markets bloom brings you the latest and most important analysis and news from trusted sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, and The Economist.

Do not worry if you feel the economic calendar is hard to understand.

Markets bloom experts will analyze this calendar easily and clearly.

Webinars and trading workshops:

Do you want to become a pro trader?

Well! Markets Bloom Academy will provide you with educational courses, webinars, explanations and live broadcast of workshops with a professional trader every week, where you can ask all your questions and inquiries in addition to gaining experience in technical analysis and managing your trading account optimally.

Legal services:

Have you lost funds in a broker due to unfair trade practices or fraud brokers?

Markets bloom Academy can connect you with a lawyer for consulting. In addition to many other legal services through which you will ensure your right and not lose your capital.