Exposing the Facade: The Wintrado Scandal

In a world where digital innovation promises to streamline trading and investment.. the shadow of deceit can loom large.. tarnishing the sheen of technological advancement. Our investigation into Wintrado reveals a troubling narrative of unfulfilled promises, technological failures, and a blatant disregard for client welfare.. marking it as a cautionary tale for the industry.

The Wintrado Scandal!

Our investigations have uncovered shocking facts and client misconduct, where false promises are made, devastating failures and technological degradation occur.

The Promise vs. Reality

Promised a cutting-edge trading platform within five days, stakeholders were met with a prolonged six-month wait. This initial pledge, brimming with potential.. crumbled under the weight of delay, setting the stage for further disappointments and losing more than 15 K for salaries and websites and all the preparations to take off this project off the ground.

Technological Shortcomings

Upon unveiling, the platform failed to meet even the most basic operational standards.. struggling to load and leaving users in a perpetual state of limbo. Such fundamental flaws signal a profound underestimation of the technological robustness required in today’s trading environment.
We are holding many videos and screenshots of the chat with their team for any further clarification or investigations.

Support and CRM Catastrophe

The lack of support from Wintrado turned technological glitches into insurmountable obstacles. Compounded by a CRM system riddled with inaccuracies—misreporting client balances and equity statuses—the trust in Wintrado’s system eroded rapidly.

Refund Refusal

After enduring five months of operational paralysis, requests for refunds were categorically denied. Wintrado’s justification.. clinging to the assertion of fulfilling the service agreement, blatantly ignored the glaring issues: a non-functional platform, misleading CRM data, and unmaterialized affiliate programs.

False Promises and Misrepresentation

Wintrado’s promises extended beyond dysfunctional technology; they ventured into deceitful marketing practices. Claims of lucrative affiliate and IB programs proved to be unfounded. Moreover, the exploitation of the Swiss flag’s emblem of quality.. alongside promises of wealth through IB schools in Africa, unveiled a disturbing pattern of misleading representation.

Call to Action: A Demand for Oversight

This narrative compels us to call upon Swiss authorities for rigorous scrutiny into Wintrado’s operations. It’s a plea for justice and a beacon for those ensnared by Wintrado’s web of deceit. We stand as whistleblowers against malpractice in brokerage and fintech, urging a collective reconsideration of associations with Wintrado.
Testimonies from the Betrayed
Countless individuals.. lured by the promise of employment and compensation, have reached out to us, their stories echoing the hollow nature of Wintrado’s commitments. Their willingness to testify brings a human element to this saga, highlighting the real-world impact of Wintrado’s actions.


Based on the conclusive evidence we provided, you can see that they are a professional scam group. In this article, we presented all the heinous acts done by this company. and gave the true meaning of the “ Wintrado Scandal “.. and how they were unable to deliver on any single promise that was in the best interest of the client. We hope that you will be careful when dealing with fraudulent companies and choose reliable sources.

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