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Toncoin Cryptocurrency

The Toncoin “TON” cryptocurrency is the next-generation network in order to unify all existing blockchains and the Internet. Regardless of processing millions of transactions per second, the blockchain-based ecosystem of that digital currency .has every opportunity to create a real Web 3.0 Internet with decentralized storage. DNS system “Domain Name System” and anonymous network, instant payments.. In addition to many decentralized services.

TON Digital Coin Project

The TON project is designed to be scalable, and it is claimed that the Toncoin project is able to accommodate billions of users… TON does this through blockchain segmentation, a technology that includes the use of multiple blockchains within the same network and each series has its own purpose. such as governance, transaction registration, etc.

Apart from processing millions of transactions per second, the blockchain-based ecosystem has every opportunity to create a real Internet 3 with decentralized storage, DNS, an anonymous network, numerous decentralized services and instant payments.

What distinguishes Toncoin cryptocurrency?

As the ecosystem expands, there is huge potential for Toncoin and many ways to operate in the new economy, the means of payment are likely to go beyond… The following was also highlighted by the currency’s distinction:

Bets deposited by auditors are expected to be eligible in order to verify transactions and create new blocks and currencies.

The power to vote in order to support or oppose changes in the Protocol’s standards.

Income “gas fees” paid for an auditor’s contract such as a bonus for processing transactions and smart contracts under the POS consensus.

Provide loans to certifiers for a share of their reward.

Buy Toncoin cryptocurrency, its price

There are plenty of cryptocurrency trading platforms that allow you to buy Toncoin cryptocurrency, most notably Binance, where the trading volume is large.

That “TON” digital currency is currently priced at approximately US $1.8 per currency (18/11/2022).

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