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The complete guide to hedging strategies

In our article today, we will learn about the history of hedge funds and the complete hedging strategies in trading markets.

For anyone with significant wealth, one of its top priorities is to look for somewhere to invest a portion of their money, and the hedge fund is often the logical choice, as these funds can become very profitable investment instruments when carefully managed, and in order to do so, hedge fund managers use a number of hedge strategies.

History of hedge funds

The first hedge fund experiment was launched in 1949 by Alfred Jones through his company A.W. Jones & Co.

  Alfred wanted to explore and balance the acquisition of long-term investments (Long-term purchase) and completion of short sale of other. underperforming stocks has used leverage to increase potential returns and has introduced performance fees based on the percentage of the partner managing the hedge fund.

 It is worth mentioning here that the performance. fee is the value of the commission paid by the investor for the management of the hedge fund and is usually a percentage agreed upon from the hedge fund’s monthly or annual dividend return.

Despite its early success, hedge funds were only officially launched in the 1990s when a number of fund managers began to see. hedge funds as. having greater attractiveness than mutual funds. In 2019, it was estimated that there are. approximately 10,000 hedge funds with a market value of $3.25 trillion as they are managed in financial markets.

The complete guide to hedging strategies

These funds are called “hedge funds” because of the way they are managed. The hedge fund manager can control the management of their positions by trading long (buy) and short (sell) for the same financial origin. In theory, profits can be made in any way the market moves.

At first glance, describing the hedge fund may seem like a common fund, although they share a lot of details, and aim to generate returns for investors. while reducing the proportion of risks that may arise from the trading process, they are very different in nature. hedge fund strategies “, where hedge fund strategies are perceived as more. impulsive and less risk-free, and in general, hedge funds have rather substantial investment requirements.

The most famous hedge fund strategies

Many fund managers use a range of strategies to achieve the best returns, and to adapt their approach to general market conditions. Before we review hedge. fund approaches and strategies, we must clarify one of the most common terms in hedge fund language:

✔️ long deals 👈 purchase deals.

✔️ short deals 👈 sale deals.

Among the most important hedging strategies are:

Neutral Market Strategy

Long-Term Transaction Strategy (Purchase)

Short Deals Strategies (Sale)

Long/Short Deal Strategies (Buy/Sell)

Credit Arbitrage Strategy

Convertible arbitrage strategies

Fixed Income Arbitration Strategy

Risk Arbitration Strategy

Global holistic approach strategies

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